Terms & Conditions


Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our Catalogue, and click on any items that you wish to buy and this puts them into the Shopping Basket. After you have finished your selection, click on “Check out” and you will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to satisfy the order. We accept Visa MasterCard Maestro.Please make your cheque to Fell & Mountain Outdoors Ltd, 38a Water St Accrington, Lancashire, UK, BB5  6PX.  We do not charge for any item until it is ready to ship. Placing an order on this website is a binding agreement and by making a purchase you are stating that you are over 18 and able to enter into such an agreement and are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions.


We guarantee your satisfaction. However, we cannot exchange if goods have been worn, damaged, without the tags attached or in any way which would hinder selling on unless a genuine fault exists. Please note, although we do our best to make sure all product is useable before we send, We ask all our customers to check everything is there before using it out in the field, We will not be held responsible for a customer who does not check items before going on their trip.

Fell & Mountain Ltd do our  best to keep our prices as low as possible, but if a human error occurs where a mistake is made in the advertised price Fell & Mountain Outdoors Ltd reserve the right not to process the order, you will be contacted ASAP with the correct price and the option whether to agree or not. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to this.


The AVS Filter Protects us Both

To protect our customers form credit card fraud, we have implemented the AVS (Address Verification Service) filter. The AVS filter requires that either the address number or postal code you enter matches the information on file with the credit card issuing bank. This way, thieves attempting to steal your credit card must have much more information than just a card number and expiration date to use your card. Occasionally the AVS filter is unable to match the billing address you provided to our store with the address on file with the credit card issuing bank, or the issuing bank does not support AVS filtering. If your credit card is declined due to AVS filter failure, please verify that the billing address you entered exactly matches the one associated with the credit card. If the credit card is still declined, you may want to call your credit card issuer and check to see if they support AVS filtering. If there is still a problem, contact our customer support team and we can help you complete your purchase.

Our online transactions take place in three parts. When you enter your credit card information, our store software contacts your bank to verify that your card number is valid and that sufficient funds are available for the transaction. If your credit card issuer approves the transaction, it automatically issues an approval code and puts a hold on the funds pending our store capturing them. If our store receives authorization then it submits the credit card information to the AVS filter. If the AVS filter approves the purchase your order appears in our order processing queue. We manually review your order for any issues and finding none, capture your funds. If the AVS filter declines your card, we cannot capture your funds without further verification of your identity.

If your bank has placed a temporary hold on your funds, it may appear as though the transaction went through even if your card was declined. However, when a card is declined, no funds are transferred to us. In this case, typically the hold will last between three to ten days and then automatically drop from your account. We highly value our customers and believe these added security measures are needed to protect us both.